It really is about you. But, more than that, our work is about your clients and their experience of you and what you offer – we are a piece of the puzzle.

At North we believe there is a better way. We want to work with our customers, vendors, and employees as an alliance where everyone builds off each other’s success. We’re obsessively passionate about it.  We focus our efforts on our customer’s success. 

We aspire to be a premier woodworking company based in Southern Ontario, and we pride ourselves on our quality work, customer satisfaction, and competitive pricing.  We design and build custom doors that suit your every need.

North is committed to establishing an excellent reputation by constantly exceeding our customers’ expectations, exceptional quality and service, and on-time delivery. 

We understand you have deadlines to meet and a reputation to keep, so we will meet ours!  You can rely on North to handle your job expertly every time.